We are three baseball fans with a passion for design, art, expression, and philanthropy. Our journey began as three friends having fun making memes, but it quickly grew into a creative endeavor that celebrates everything about the Oakland Coliseum and the game of baseball.

Baseball's Last Dive Bar, much like the metaphor that shaped our direction, represents more than just its name. It represents our years of fandom, memories, and passion. Our goal is to create a company that evokes emotions from our consumers. We want our work to inspire people to think about what Baseball's Last Dive Bar means to them.

Each customer has had unique experiences at the stadium, and we hope they remain "uniquely Coliseum." We are proud of what we've built and the community we've created. Cheers from Baseball's Last Dive Bar!

Sincerely, Paul, Carl, and Bryan

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You can find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @lastdivebar.

Need to email us? Team@lastdivebar.com

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