The Official FansFest 2024 Tee

Check out the Balfour Rage, Metallica inspired Last Dive Bar Tee!

Master Of Dive Bar Tee

Last Dive Bar Tee

Last Dive Bar Tee S / Forest Shirt

This shirt is the OG! The Last Dive Bar Graphic transformed us from being mere Twitter memesters to running a wildly successful t-shirt slinging empire! And who knew dive bars could be so trendy?

Inspired by
@jacknicas amazing NY Times article and a letterpress print Elvis poster - Last Dive Bar graphic tee is here. The Coliseum might be “Baseball’s Last Dive Bar”...But it’s our favorite place to watch baseball!!!

Last Dive Bar Support Pack

Sometimes baseball isn't fun to watch. Sometimes it can be stressful and frustrating.  But we are here to help with the LDB support pack!

The Support Pack includes a decal of your home, a friendship bracelet - so you know you’re loved and a stress ball for all your baseball frustrations.