Dive into the heart of Oakland with Last Dive Bar and the spirited Oakland 68's, as we bring back the thrill of the Fans' Fest - a true homage to our city's sports legacy! 

Gone are the days when the Oakland baseball teams held the reins of the annual 'Fan fest', leaving a void in 2019 that echoed the sounds of a fanbase left behind.

But Fear not, for since 2021, fans taken the baton, transforming it into Fans' Fest - a celebration crafted by the fans, for the fans. Forget corporate sponsorships; this is a party thrown by the true heart of Oakland.

This year, we're turning up the volume with a shout-out to the small businesses, the local breweries, and the sports teams that truly embody the spirit of The Town. It's not just about baseball; we're bringing together former A's legends, the dynamic squads of the Oakland Roots/Soul, the Oakland Ballers, and a lineup of others who live and breathe Oakland.

Mark your calendars:

  • Date: Saturday, February 24th, 2024
  • Location: Bloc15 - 252 2nd St. Oakland, CA 94607
  • Time: From 11am till the party stops at 4pm

Stay tuned as we unveil the roster of special guests, the day's agenda, and the exclusive giveaways that'll make this Fans' Fest unforgettable.

Rally up, Oakland! Let's celebrate the undying spirit of our community, the legacy of our teams, and the resilience of our town. This is more than just a fest; it's a statement. We're here, we're united, and we're ready to make some noise. Cheers to the fans, the fighters, and the future of Oakland sports. See you at Bloc15 - where the heart of Oakland beats the loudest


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