RFWill in LF Night face cutout!

Hey Last Dive Bar Patrons,


Here is where you can Download the image! 

We've made it easy to be living the dream like RF Will! 

Download, print, cut it out, attach his face to a stick, and boom you'll be living the dream just like Will!! 

This is all prep for our event next Friday night at the Coliseum RFWill in LF night!!

Oh be sure to take a selfie to show it off!! We wanna see it! Tag us @lastdivebar on IG or Twitter!

Download Wills head here!!!


I recommend you glue the paper to some cardboard first and then tape it to a stick. Paint stir sticks from home depot work great for this - plus they're free! the stick I used is from the Last Dive Bar Pennant. 

Hope to see y'all out there!

Till next time Kiddos