April 28th Theme Night Mario and Friends

First off

Before we dive into the details of Mario and Friends Night, we want to thank you for using the QR code behind the pin! We appreciate your support and hope that you have a great time at the ball game. Our themed nights are a way for us to give back to our customers and get collecting our 2023 Coli Collectables Friday Night Theme Pins!! Here is the checklist:


(hey if you got the pin and didn't know there is a light plastic coating on the front of the pin. Peel it off!)

At The Last Dive Bar, we have a variety of theme nights throughout the year. From sports events to holidays, we like to mix it up to keep things fresh and exciting. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere that is fun, unique, and welcoming to everyone.

Mario and Friends Night Details

Get ready to jump and "woohoo" because Mario and Friends Night is coming in hot! This party is all about celebrating everything Mario, from the old-school games to the latest releases.

We're taking over the left field LDB Section 138 and decking it out in Mario-themed decor to transport you to a whole new world. Think green pipes, red mushrooms, and our favorite plumber himself, Mario, and all his pals covering the walls. And you best believe we're dressing up as our favorite Mario characters, so bring your A-game!

But if you're already "in the know," then you must have snagged one of our "sweet baybays:"


Next Theme Night Details

Oh boy, we're saying "bye-bye" to Mario and Friends Night and "helloooo" to our next shindig! Get ready to "meat" us at the Coliseum Cookout on Friday, May 12th, where we'll be "grillin' and chillin'" with some tailgating and BBQ fun before the game against the Texas Rangers.

We'll be "parkin' it" in the parking lot for some pre-game tailgating, then "steakin'" our way into the Coli. Where Section 138 will be transformed into a backyard BBQ bonanza. "Sausage" up some (paper) classic BBQ dishes and drinks while playing plenty of games and activities. It's the "grilliant" way to kick off summer and have a "beef-tastic" time with your buds before the big game. OH and we will have a new pin for yall to add to your 2023 Coli Collection!! See ya there!